This film, subtly reinforces the Kodak brand while entertaining guests at Disney in Orlando, Los Angeles and Paris.

A permanent interactive experience engages guests at Disney’s Epcot in learning the simplicity and quality of Kodak’s digital solutions.

The elements of earth, wind, water and fire provided a highly creative, yet relevant context for Sun’s Annual Sales Strategy.

Well-crafted, interactive tours and hands-on labs create an age-appropriate experience for museum guests.

The 4-year evolution of this conference used educational and experiential techniques to successfully grow from 75 to 1,000 attendees.

A cost-effective, on-line production strategy delivered a high-touch product introduction to 16 cities worldwide, in only 10 days.

The "Fast Forward" Conference used an interactive competition thread to engage attendees with executives and a new sales process.

This 20,000 square foot, live-broadcast studio showcased Sony’s end-to-end integrated digital broadcasting solutions.

A series of coast-to-coast event experiences positioned Adobe Creative Suite as the standard within the design community.

Five branded SUV’s and unique photo ops delivered an interactive Kodak product experience to over 2 million U.S. consumers.

An animatronic host, immersive high-definition film and hands-on experiments engage guests with the future of communications technology.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience Pre-Show Film
Themed Exhibits

Disney Imagination Pavilion Post Show
Themed Exhibits

Sunrise Sales Conference (Sydney)
Strategic Events

The Intel Museum Visitor Experience
Themed Exhibits

eBay Developers Conference Series
Strategic Events

The Kodak EasyShare Global Launch
Strategic Events

Annual Sales Conference, Palm Desert
Strategic Events

Digital Broadcast Studio
Themed Exhibits

Creative Suite Events
Strategic Events

The EasyShare Mobile Tour
Strategic Events

Dream Forum Exhibit
Themed Exhibits

EXP is Experiential Marketing

Winning in today’s economic climate is challenging. It takes blending strategic and creative effectiveness with fiscal efficiency. You need to stand out and connect with your target audience. Yet deliver a cost effective program that reflects your identity - staying on target, ultimately bringing your brand to life. That takes experience.

Welcome to EXP

For over 25 years, we've been creating winning experiences - experiential marketing, strategic events, themed exhibits and mobile marketing tours for leading Fortune 500 Companies.

In designing these programs, we've applied our proven "X-Factor" Methodology. A process that ensures each experience, large or small, live or online, captures your audience. And ultimately, accomplishes your measurable objectives.

At EXP we create experiences that work. Strategically. Financially.

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