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Welcome to the EXP Blog.  This forum has been created to give you a stronger contextual background for designing and delivering experiential marketing programs that are successful — both strategically and financially. This interactive forum will provide you with insights gained through years of collective experience, both internally and from industry peers. Our goal is to enhance your ability to create an experience that will engage, educate and connect with your audience. After all, that's what it's all about isn't it? Getting results.

Throughout the remainder of 2010, we will use this forum to explore key factors that we believe impact the success or failure of any experiential marketing event, exhibit or mobile tour. We call these factors — The "X- Factors".

The discussion will begin with the attached white paper: The 10 X-Factors for Experiential marketing Success". Each month we will openly and explore a given X-Factor. Links to examples and open discussion on the monthly X-Factor is strongly encouraged.

So download the attached white paper and join in the discussion!

The X Factors to Experiential Marketing Success: An Introduction

The concept of giving your target audience, consumer or business, an immersive brand experience is the ultimate way to develop true brand loyalty. But creating a successful experience requires focused attention to the details on multiple fronts.

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