The X Factors to Experiential Marketing Success: An Introduction

The concept of giving your target audience, consumer or business, an immersive brand experience is the ultimate way to develop true brand loyalty. But creating a successful experience requires focused attention to the details on multiple fronts. I refer to these details as the "X-Factors" - 10 factors, which ultimately define the difference between success and failure in making a lasting audience connection.

By following the ten-step X-Factor methodology you’re able to systematically assess and design targeted, relevant customer experiences and create lasting brand impact.

Each X-Factor, in of itself, plays an important role in reaching your customers. But assessing and executing all 10 X-Factors in an integrated manner, unleashes a powerful synergy for creating breakthrough, successful experiences.

The following white paper: "The X-Factors to Experiential marketing Success: An Introduction", provides a brief introduction to each of these X-Factors and their significance. This white paper will be the foundation for discussions moving forward.

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