Experiential Marketing Case Studies

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Featured Cases

Honey I Shrunk the Audience Pre-Show Film
Themed Exhibits - Disney
This film, subtly reinforces the Kodak brand while entertaining guests at Disney in Orlando, Los Angeles and Paris.
Disney Imagination Pavilion Post Show
Themed Exhibits - Kodak
A permanent interactive experience engages guests at Disney’s Epcot in learning the simplicity and quality of Kodak’s digital solutions.
Sunrise Sales Conference (Sydney)
Strategic Events - Sun Microsystems
The elements of earth, wind, water and fire provided a highly creative, yet relevant context for Sun’s Annual Sales Strategy.
The Intel Museum Visitor Experience
Themed Exhibits - Intel
Well-crafted, interactive tours and hands-on labs create an age-appropriate experience for museum guests.
eBay Developers Conference Series
Strategic Events - Ebay
The 4-year evolution of this conference used educational and experiential techniques to successfully grow from 75 to 1,000 attendees.
The Kodak EasyShare Global Launch
Strategic Events - Kodak
A cost-effective, on-line production strategy delivered a high-touch product introduction to 16 cities worldwide, in only 10 days.
Annual Sales Conference, Palm Desert
Strategic Events - Xilinx
The "Fast Forward" Conference used an interactive competition thread to engage attendees with executives and a new sales process.
Digital Broadcast Studio
Themed Exhibits - Sony
This 20,000 square foot, live-broadcast studio showcased Sony’s end-to-end integrated digital broadcasting solutions.
Creative Suite Events
Strategic Events - Adobe
A series of coast-to-coast event experiences positioned Adobe Creative Suite as the standard within the design community.
The EasyShare Mobile Tour
Strategic Events - Kodak
Five branded SUV’s and unique photo ops delivered an interactive Kodak product experience to over 2 million U.S. consumers.
Dream Forum Exhibit
Themed Exhibits - Motorola
An animatronic host, immersive high-definition film and hands-on experiments engage guests with the future of communications technology.

Case Studies

Forests For Our Future
Themed Exhibits - TAPPI
A realistic woodland environment featuring interactive games and a field lab showcases the environmental efforts of the paper industry.
A Bug’s Life Experience
Themed Exhibits - Buena Vista Films
An animator’s studio and interactive games engage Disney guests with the technology of animated films.
CloseMore University 35 City Road Tour
Strategic Events - New Century Mortgage
A 35 city mobile tour provided mortgage brokers with access to industry experts to help them improve their fundamental skill sets.
The EasyShare Holiday Mall Tour
Strategic Events - Kodak
During the mobile tour featuring an oversized camera and hands-on demos, Kodak EasyShare was the top-selling U.S. camera.
PalmSource Developers Conference Series
Strategic Events - Palm
The 7-year evolution of this conference inspired new thinking, using a wide range of entertaining, educational and experiential techniques.
Digital Product Launch
Strategic Events - Digital
A SoHo Gallery provided the perfect artistic setting for introducing a laptop computer featuring cutting edge design.
In-Store Retail Events
Strategic Events - America Online
An interactive, in-store kiosk showcased the enhanced capability of AOL to potential customers.
Sales Recognition Program, Honolulu, Hawaii
Strategic Events - Sun Microsystems
A half-day, "break-through" event reinforced innovative thinking within the sales force by using successful, relevant child entrepreneurs.
e-Business Event Strategy
Strategic Events - IBM
Setting a "cool", edgy tone, IBM’s e-business strategy delivered a successful experience using a west coast museum setting.
SunRise Vancouver
Strategic Events - Sun Microsystems
This half-day event incorporated the Vancouver symphony as a backdrop to reinforce the central theme of organizational collaboration.
The 25th Anniversary Celebration
Strategic Events - Applied Biosystems
An on-campus 25th Anniversary Celebration for 2,500 employees was both entertaining and inspirational.

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