Creative Suite Events


Create a series of event experiences to successfully introduce Adobe Creative Suite and establish it as a new standard within the design community.


EXP worked with Adobe on this major event initiative over the course of three years. Adobe was integrating a number of disparate products under one integrated umbrella — Creative Suite.  Our focus for the initial event was to create an interactive experience in New York City for 1,400 attendees and broadcast it worldwide.

The focus was on creating an artistic set, which acted as a palette to showcase the incredible things you could do with Adobe Creative Suite.  Throughout the morning, customers showcased how they were taking advantage of the new levels of integration offered with Creative Suite. This was followed by a round table networking lunch, with key engineers and customers in a unique, old-world bank lobby across the street.

In the afternoon, customers attended vertical market break-outs and closed out their experience with an interactive New Product Reception.

The introduction of Adobe Creative Suite 3, 2 years later, was the next major phase of the strategy. To get national exposure, EXP designed a strategy consisting of high-end, 2-day events in NYC and LA, followed by a series of one-day events in major cities across the US.

This strategy allowed for much more cost-effective market exposure. We leveraged creative elements from the two main events, creating a road tour consisting of one-day events for customers.


Initial acceptance of Adobe Creative Suite was incredible.  Customers quickly grasped the new, integrated capabilities, as well as the value to them personally. The event strategy helped establish Adobe Creative Suite as the new standard.  These events were considered a success — strategically and financially.

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