The 25th Anniversary Celebration


Design an on-campus celebration event for 2,500 employees, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Applied BioSystems. Make it inspirational, entertaining, yet cost effective.


EXP created a 25th Anniversary Outdoor Event on a Friday afternoon. The focus was to celebrate the past and educate on the future vision. It was critical that it be a fun and entertaining experience. Our approach was to create a high-end street fair event.

As employees arrived at noon, they ate from a variety of scrumptious gourmet food and refreshment stands throughout the event grounds. In addition, there were a number of large scale, interactive team games.

Ninety minutes into the event, a contemporary drum core of 16 worked its way through the crowd, performing in front of a main center stage. The CEO gave a brief, 15-minute overview of accomplishments and a company vision for moving forward.  This was followed by a 45-minute set performed by one of 3 cover bands. Each hour that followed, had the same format featuring a different type of street entertainment, a brief address reflection on an aspect of Applied Bio’s history, followed by a different cover band.

EXP also designed, produced and installed a 25th Anniversary Exhibit, commemorating the key pioneers, milestones and technological breakthroughs of the first 25 years that opened for the celebration.


Attendees stayed at the event until the end, celebrating the 25 years of accomplishment and toasting their future.  The feedback from employees was “5 stars” and EXP came in under budget.  The 25th Anniversary Celebration Event was a success both strategically and financially.

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