A Bug’s Life Experience


Create an exhibit experience that engages Disney guests with the technology of animated films in a way that is educational, yet entertaining.


EXP worked with Disney to create an interactive “Bug’s Life” exhibit experience at Disneyland.  This exhibit showed guests a little about the history of animation at Disney, as well as the animation techniques used to create the film, "A Bug's Life".

The exhibit featured a central, interactive theater with a cast member telling the main story, as he / she interacted with an on-screen video. As part of the demonstration, a guest was actually put into the animation sequence. Within the exhibit, there were also “A Bug’s Life” computer games and photo ops for guests to enjoy once the presentation was finished.


The "A Bug's Life" exhibit experience was an immediate hit with the Disneyland guests, receiving nearly eighty percent of the visitor traffic to the Innoventions Attraction.

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