Digital Product Launch


Create a high-end event experience to introduce Digital’s Laptop in a manner that uniquely positioned it based upon its sleek design.


This example, though older, demonstrates end-to-end creativity with a strategic purpose. It was a complete end-to-end event experience. EXP partnered with Digital to launch a line of laptops based upon the ergonomic and aesthetic product design done by one of the leading designer’s in Italy.

The event targeted about 500 Press contacts and customers. The EXP  approach was to create an interactive gallery experience in a large SoHo space in New York City. The main stage was designed as a simple, oval shape, representative of the mouse pad. The media and speaker support was designed as contemporary art consisting of beautiful graphics with no more than three artistically placed words projected on a floating cube wall.

The event session creatively unveiled the product, starting with a short video of an artist aggressively painting a contemporary version of the product on canvas and ending with a reveal through a rising pedestal.  Following the main event, guests moved into a Product Viewing Gallery.  Here they saw the final art piece, surrounded by product kiosks shaped as unique sculptures. A buffet luncheon was served, incorporating massive ice sculptures and food being served on paint palettes.


Press and analysts liked the product.  But there was also considerable press on the unique and fresh approach taken for the design of the event experience itself. The Digital Product Launch was a success — strategically and financially.

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