Honey I Shrunk the Audience Pre-Show Film


Produce a pre-show experience for the “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” Epcot attraction that supports Kodak sponsorship.  The approach needed to subtly reinforce the Kodak brand “Share moments. Share life.”, while at the same time, entertain guests and align with the Disney Pavilion Theme of “Imagination”.


EXP worked in collaboration with Disney & Kodak to design and produce an 18-minute multimedia experience. Our approach utilized still pictures and audio sequences to create an engaging and emotional experience about how sharing pictures can stimulate your imagination.

To deliver the Kodak message, we created a series of three heartwarming stories that illustrated how pictures spark memories and imagination in all of us.

Each story unfolded with a photo, sparking a special memory. Each unique memory established the storyline that evolved to a humorous or poignant conclusion, reinforcing the true value of photos and the Kodak brand message of “Share moments. Share life.”


The show was initially designed for Disney Epcot in Orlando.  Based upon its popularity and success, it was also adapted to Los Angeles and Paris Disney sites.  It is currently running in all three locations, reaching approximately 15 – 18 million people annually.  Based upon brand exposure, this film has been extremely effective — strategically and financially.

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