eBay Developers Conference Series


Build a Conference from ground up to encourage and foster development efforts within the web-based development community.


EXP partnered with eBay to define and shape the Developer Conference Strategy over a period of four years from its inception. 

EXP designed each Conference environment to create excitement and inspire new thinking. We utilized a wide range of entertaining, educational and experiential techniques that subliminally focused on innovation, communication and collaboration.

Hands-on labs, open discussion forums and consulting time with engineering experts, helped attendees focus on getting their issues resolved.  Interactive keynotes, attendee-driven WIKI session design, and late night creation labs gave participants a true feeling of not only participating, but also in creating a unique experience.


The eBay Conference grew from 75 to nearly 1,000 attendees over a period of four years.  It was an unquestioned success — strategically and financially.

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