e-Business Event Strategy


Create an event strategy to engage, press, analysts and key customers with IBM’s e-business strategy.


EXP worked closely with IBM on this major e-business brand event campaign. IBM needed to reinforce its credibility as a company on the cutting-edge of the internet and the e-business marketplace.

To establish a "cool" edgy tone, EXP selected the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco for staging a unique event experience. Multiple, innovative elements were used to create this event.  These elements included a Keynote Gallery built around an artistic cube wall, intimate Gallery Break-out discussions within various museum sectors, and an Interactive e-business "Eat and Greet" environment for interacting with key partners, while eating lunch.

As a follow-up, a version of this event experience was taken to 29 cities for positioning the latest evolution of the IBM e-business brand to customers.  Using a museum environment and simple elements that could easily be transported dramatically lowered costs while providing an innovative approach.


Press and analysts were engaged and impressed with the event strategy. Their reports praised IBM’s e-business vision, technology and solutions.  The event was successful — strategically and financially.

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