Disney Imagination Pavilion Post Show


Create a permanent experience that engages guests at Disney’s Epcot in learning the simplicity and quality of Kodak digital photography solutions at the Kodak sponsored Imagination Pavilion.


To demonstrate the simplicity of Kodak digital photography, EXP designed, produced and currently manages a live experience stage show using a wacky laboratory set. As guests exit the Imagination ride, they encounter the Kodak Picture Lab, hosted by an eccentric scientist. This loveable character pulls guests from the audience, to participate in a fun, interactive demonstration showcasing the simplicity and quality of Kodak digital solutions.

Once the show is complete, guests enter a colorful, hands-on playground to further explore digital imaging technology in a fun and entertaining way. Eighteen "Incredible Picture Lab" interactive kiosks allow guests to create, manipulate and e-mail wacky pictures of themselves using digital imaging technology. They can also purchase on-line gifts from Kodak Gallery using their final photographic creations.

In addition, there is an interactive picture playground, where younger guests can interact with photos of global instruments on the floor, adding their own personal instrumentation to the Imagination Pavilion Theme song track.


The length of stay in the Post Show area of the Kodak imagination Pavilion has more than doubled since the installation of these elements. Guests enjoy the digital photography stage show enough to stay behind to ask in-depth questions about how to use Kodak digital products.

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