The EasyShare Holiday Mall Tour


Create a mobile event program to expose consumers to the ease of use of Kodak Easy Share Cameras and drive sales during the Holiday Season.


EXP designed and executed a 10-week, 20-city mall tour experience that put the EasyShare camera system directly into the hands of consumers during the peak holiday shopping season.

Elements of the mall tour experience included a six-by-four foot EasyShare camera that acted as an attract and a presentation system, a kid-friendly photo opportunity featuring a life-size Simba from Disney's Lion King, and a lively, 5 minute interactive product demonstration showcasing the Kodak EasyShare system.

Guests would have their picture taken and while printing, the presenter demonstrated the camera features and benefits. In the end, participants received a souvenir picture, illustrating the simplicity of use and the incredible print quality.  Additional program elements included local retail store tie-ins, a rebate program and customer data acquisition.


The mobile tour program exceeded targeted brand exposure and product demo projections. Dealers within a 30-mile radius of each tour stop had extremely high sales numbers. The tour exceeded its targets for brand exposure, product demos and sales, demonstrating success — strategically and financially.

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