The EasyShare Mobile Tour


Create a mobile tour to directly expose consumers to the ease of use of Kodak Easy Share Cameras and Printers throughout the year.


EXP designed a mobile event program that put the EasyShare camera system directly into the hands of consumers at key locations throughout the year – letting them see how easy it is to take and print high quality photos using Kodak EasyShare technology.

The Kodak EasyShare Mobile Experience included 5 Kodak Easy Share branded SUV’s, photo print stations and a variety of Photo Ops. Guests would have their picture taken and while printing, the presenter demonstrated the camera features and benefits. In the end, participants received a souvenir picture, illustrating the simplicity of use and the incredible print quality.  Additional program elements included: local retail store tie-ins, a rebate and coupon program and customer data acquisition.

The mobile tour was launched during the Holiday season, with its “Mickey Mouse Santa” photo opportunity, hitting over 40 malls and providing brand exposure to over 2 million consumers. After the holidays, the tour hit Zoos, NASCAR, Shopping Centers, Key Festivals and a People Magazine Tour, leveraging existing assets to build consumer brand loyalty and increase intent to purchase.


The program also contained a significant local retail store tie-in — promoting Kodak experts in various retail locations the weekend following the location’s SUV stop. Additional program elements included a rebate program enabling customer data acquisition.


The Program was cost effective, delivering almost double the projected product exposure and demos. In addition, during the Holiday Tour, Kodak EasyShare was the top selling digital brand within the United States. From both the Kodak and dealer perspective, the Program was viewed as a success — strategically and financially.

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