The Kodak EasyShare Global Launch

The Context

This event took place in 16 cities worldwide.


Deliver a cost effective event strategy for introducing the latest Kodak EasyShare Printers worldwide, within 10 days, using two teams of Kodak Executives.


EXP created a Kodak Photo Gallery using an over-sized, Manhattan photo studio for the initial, US-based introduction. The theme was “Simple. Beautiful.”, reflecting the ease of printing photo-processed quality prints.

The set employed a large, white photo backdrop, off-the-shelf photographic lighting equipment, standard plasma screens and 20" by 30" photographs taken by consumers with Kodak EasyShare cameras.

The EasyShare product story was told using high-powered films of real international customers who tested the product. Kodak executives delivered product messages of prints made “Simple. Beautiful.” through a series of well-choreographed demonstrations.

An additional product demonstration area featured 10, “one-time-use” stations housed within a large photo gallery showcasing oversized prints taken by the consumers who had tested the cameras.

Road Trip

The main event elements were duplicated around the world since they were inexpensive and relatively easy to acquire. A Resource Web Site was created to cost-effectively manage all road production elements — featuring all graphics, media and staging specifications from the initial road show event.

Local producers oversaw acquisition of all set elements and show production. All photography was from local consumers testing the cameras.  It was uploaded to Kodak Gallery and prints were sent to the local producer to be staged in the local event Gallery.


The New York event kicked off the road show and was quickly duplicated in 16 cities worldwide. The press and major distributors around the world got to experience the new products within 10 days of announcement. The Tour was timely and successful  — strategically and financially.

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