Dream Forum Exhibit


Design an exhibit experience to engage Disney Epcot guests with Motorola’s brand message and the future potential of communications technology.


To capture Motorola's message of "personal freedom through Motorola communications technology," EXP created and produced a virtual, "ride-like" and hands-on exhibit experience.

The experience starts with our friendly animatronic, “Starnac,” giving his vision for the future. Guests then enter "The Motorola Visionarium," surrounding them in an unlimited star filled universe.

Utilizing high definition film and theatrical effects, guests embark on a virtual flight that eliminates the boundaries of time and distance. In split seconds, guests travel virtually between distant global locations, witnessing humorous, breath-taking, dramatic and poignant events in the lives of three "near future" families as they learn how they can stay more connected than ever before.

As guests leave the “Visionarium,” they can touch communications devices of the future, select future form factors of most interest to them and even design their own phone in the interactive communications hands-on exhibit.


The Motorola “Dream Forum” experience delivers a strategic, powerful Motorola message, while providing Disney guests with a highly entertaining experience.

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