CloseMore University 35 City Road Tour


Create a road tour of events to provide mortgage brokers with access to industry experts helping them improve their fundamental selling and marketing skills, while positioning New Century as the company with whom they should align themselves.


EXP designed and produced a 35 city mobile tour to address this challenge. The high-energy, half-day event program agenda consisted of leading industry experts speaking on skill sets that would help them close more loans, faster and easier.

The event agenda was interlaced with creatively done commercials, highlighting the value of New Century to the brokers in a fun and entertaining way. In addition, simple soft goods were used to provide the overall New Century brand identity for event staging and signage. These were easily transportable and durable over the course of the 35 city event road tour.


New Century reached and enlisted thousands of mortgage brokers through this free event program. The program provided industry education to the mortgage broker community, while having a significant, positive impact on sales for New Century. From a New Century perspective, the tour was a success — strategically and financially.

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