Sales Recognition Program, Honolulu, Hawaii


Create a half-day Business Session Event, which is both motivational for the Sun Microsystems Worldwide Sales Force, yet entertaining for their spouses and guests.


EXP partnered with Sun Microsystems to create the Sunrise Sales Incentive Program for over 3,200 employees, spouses and guests. Our approach was to develop a Business Session Event that blended both content and entertainment over the course of two, 90-minute morning sessions.

The Business Session Event focused on how to apply innovative thinking to grow sales. We selected the theme of "Break Through". We brought the theme to life by featuring 5 child entrepreneurs - showcasing their "break-through" thinking that led to their own unprecedented success.

Our Business Session Event opened with a multi-screen media piece, accompanied by a 7-year old prodigy pianist. Our young prodigy provided a musical thread throughout the event. We started each segment with our pianist, followed by a 2-3 minute video introduction of one of our entrepreneurs and a 10-minute interview by the Worldwide VP of Sales.

Interlaced with these child prodigy success stories, were recognition segments, highlighting the accomplishments of the best of the Sun Worldwide Sales Organization. Our final prodigy was a 27-year old Sun sales rep, who had achieved exceptional results by applying a unique, innovative approach to developing his business.

The session concluded with our child prodigy playing a final number, accompanied by a virtual, "on-screen" child prodigy orchestra, as a 13 year-old American phenom sang a poignant and relevant song.

Two nights later, the same space was turned into a large club, using the main stage for a high-energy cover band, surrounded by club seating, food and desert stations, and three major themed chill areas.


The feedback from both the Sun Sales Force and their guests was that the Business Session Event was both highly motivational and entertaining. Overall, the incentive program was rated one of the best ever. Based upon the talent and media techniques utilized, it was also one of the lowest budgets in the history of the Sun Microsystems Sales Conferences, making it extremely effective both strategically and financially.

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