Sunrise Sales Conference (Sydney)


Create a Business Session Event that was both motivational for the Sun Microsystems Worldwide Sales Force, yet entertaining for their spouses and guests AND better than the preceding year.


EXP partnered with Sun Microsystems to create the Sunrise incentive program for over 3,000 employees, spouses and guests in Australia.

Our approach was to develop a focused Business Session Event that blended content with entertainment over the course of two morning sessions.

The event was divided into four segments. Each segment expressed one aspect of Sun’s Vision and Strategy as one the four major elements — earth (products), wind (market change), water (market growth) and fire (sales passion).

We started each segment of the Business Session Event with a theatrical interpretation of each element, utilizing localized, Australian talent, and correlating it to Sun’s Strategy. This was an extremely innovative, yet cost effective approach to creative, since everything was done locally.

Each theatrical element was followed by a short, 10-minute management presentation on the vision for the relevant topic and a set of awards.

The event culminated with an interactive chat between the President, and the VP of Worldwide Sales, addressing the key issues of the Sales Force. The theatrical close of the event consisted of the four elements coming together to create an integrated, grand finale.


The feedback from both the Sun Microsystems Worldwide Sales Force and their guests was that the event was both highly motivational and entertaining. It was rated one of the best events ever. The use of local talent to interpret Sun’s strategy also made it extremely cost effective. The Sunrise Business Session Event was a success — strategically and financially.

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