SunRise Vancouver


Create a Business Session Event that was both motivational for the Worldwide Sun Microsystems Sales Force, yet entertaining for their spouses and guests.


EXP partnered with Sun Microsystems to create the Sunrise incentive program for over 3,500 employees, spouses and guests. Our approach was to develop a focused Keynote Session Event that blended content with entertainment over the course of two, 90-minute morning sessions.

The Session Event design featured the Vancouver Symphony as a contextual backdrop. Each segment of the Session started with a short executive message artistically presented on video accompanied with a live musical overlay by a section of the orchestra. Each video was followed by a set of awards. As the event progressed, the orchestral support for each segment of the program grew — from a single pianist, to a duet, a quartet, an octet, etc.

As the final act, the orchestra’s conductor became our Keynote Speaker, drawing the parallels of success for the Sun Sales force, with that of a well-choreographed orchestra.  The Business Session Event concluded with him conducting the full orchestra and all audience members, playing “Ode to Joy”.

Two days later, for cost purposes, the Business Session stage and space was turned into a large nightclub environment, using the main stage for a high-energy cover band, while placing raised conversation pits, food and desert stations throughout the area. There was also a separate “chill area”, with a Harry Potter themed environment.


The feedback from both the Sun Microsystems Sales Force and their guests was that the Business Session and Evening Events were both highly motivational and entertaining. It was rated one of the best programs ever by Sun management – strategically and financially.

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