Forests For Our Future


Create an exhibit experience that clearly demonstrates how the paper industry is protecting, not harming the environment. Position it as evolving into a green industry, through genetically creating, growing and harvesting trees as high-pulp products.


Our concept for the exhibit experience, "Forests for our Future," was a realistic woodland environment designed to showcase the environmental efforts of the paper industry. From towering trees, to birds chirping in the canopy of evergreen branches, guests are immediately immersed into the story.

A series of interactive games and activities engage and entertain all ages. "Total Tree-via," a fast-paced game show involving guests focus on the industry’s environmental message staged in a "campfire" setting. "Pulp Fact or Fiction" and "Discovery Trees" utilize interactive, touch screens, nestled within the trunks of trees where guests discover forest facts, take forest tours and design and grow a tree of their own. At the "TAPPI Field Station," guests see actual tree embryos through a microscope and learn about the science of growing trees.


This exhibit experience clearly demonstrates the new, green approach being taken within the industry to produce paper pulp, while at the same time preserving the environment.  It has been a real success for TAPPI — strategically and financially.

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