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For over 25 years, EXP has been creating winning experiential marketing experiences — strategic events, themed exhibits and mobile marketing tours for leading Fortune 500 brands.

The "live experience" is the best foundation for building long-lasting corporate relationships, face-to-face. But in today’s economy, with limited budgets, “live experiences” alone may not be enough to reach your target audience. Now you can create highly interactive, online marketing experiences that reach your audience - virtually anywhere.

Online marketing experiences can complement an existing live event or stand alone. They can be used for internal or external audiences. They can be used for communications, motivation, training or community collaboration. They can run over the course of an hour or multiple days. They can offer speakers, panels or product demonstrations. They can incorporate interactive testing, gaming or incentives.

Online marketing and brand experiences can be a lot of things. But they must be engaging, interactive and relevant. That is the only way to ensure success.

Success at going virtual with your experiential marketing events or exhibits, does not simply involve broadcasting video-based content, embedded within a 3D environmental shell on the internet. It involves designing a highly interactive on-line brand experiences that capture, engage and hold your audience.

It’s about merging web design, content, creative production, interactivity and technology.

Welcome to EXPtv

In designing online marketing experiences, we apply our proven "X-Factor" Process. A process that ensures each experience truly engages and holds your audience - virtually, wherever they are.

At EXPtv, we create online experiences that work. Strategically and Financially.

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