An EXP Overview

Santeler Marketing Group was founded by John Santeler in 1985 as a strategic marketing agency, focused on the design, development, and delivery of strategic marketing events and exhibits.

In 1999, we restructured our company to focus on creating world-class marketing experiences that engage an audience in a targeted message, transforming them into brand advocates.

Today, EXP specializes in four distinct lines of business, each delivering unique experiential marketing experiences.

Strategic Events

Bring brands and products to life in a unique, yet relevant way.

Themed Exhibits

Emotionally immerse an audience in a focused and fresh storyline.

Mobile Marketing Tours

Create a high-impact, lasting impression in a matter of minutes. See our Strategic Events section for more information.

Online Experiences (EXPtv)

Interactively engage audiences — virtually anywhere, anytime.

Our strength in delivering world class experiential marketing experiences for leading Fortune 500 companies, lies in the combination of our strategic foundation for experiential design, our highly efficient core infrastructure, the diversity and experience of our EXP Network and our unique "X-Factor" process for ensuring the delivery of a successful experiential marketing program.

At EXP, we create experiences that work. Strategically. Financially.

The EXP Infrastructure and Network The EXP Infrastructure & Network

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