The EXP Infrastructure & Network

One of the strengths of EXP is its solid core infrastructure - a team of EXP employees that have worked together for well over a decade. This infrastructure ensures responsible time and fiscal management of each program from proposal to completion.

Each event, exhibit and mobile marketing experience, live or on-line, has unique requirements and caveats. The EXP Network of resources, allows us to cost effectively build the best team to meet the specific needs of each program.

The EXP Network consists of the supporting, specialized functions to ensure effective design, development and delivery of each unique experience. This Network consists of time-tested experts, each of whom have worked with each other and EXP for years.

EXP's management approach provides the following key benefits to our clients.

Optimized Process

  • EXP's solid infrastructure for project and fiscal management
  • Plus the long-term, collaborative working experience of the Network
  • Streamlining our process and your involvement

Best Resources

  • Strong, proven independent experts for each functional area
  • Providing a highly experience team

Cost Efficiency

  • A low-overhead, high value infrastructure
  • Delivering you better event resources, at a more cost effective rate

Great Results

  • The combination of process, resources and efficiency
  • Working with the Top Fortune 500 companies
  • Delivering a diversified portfolio of marketing experiences

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