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Our Process - The X-Factors

In today’s fragmented, rapidly changing market, creating authentic and personally relevant connections with customers is an ongoing challenge.

But one made much easier by following EXP's time-tested formula for success using the X-Factors.

The X-Factors are the foundation for assessing and designing successful, experiential marketing customer experiences. Experiences that generate customer attention, brand awareness and intrigue, ultimately leaving a memorable impression.

The X-Factors

X-Factor 1 - Qualifying Your Audience

... is the foundation for creating a GREAT experiential marketing program. The combination of demographics and psychographics defines your target audience. And ultimately, how they approach making their purchase decisions.  As you design and develop your experience, every decision that you make should take this profile into account.

X-Factor 2 - Setting Measurable Objectives & Parameters

... along with knowing your audience, provide a strong foundation for good design. Objectives & parameters are most valuable if they are properly set, accurately measured and reported in a timely manner. Well-defined objectives & parameters provide you and your management with a long-term yardstick for measuring success — both strategically and financially.

X-Factor 3: Balancing Budget and Design

... is all about optimizing the program parameters, creative concept and budget to meet your objectives. It’s all about striking the right balance between these three areas — and doing it early in the process.

X-Factor 4 - Defining One Message

... optimizes your opportunity. How well you define and align your message with your audience and with what they want to hear, defines whether they engage and act upon it. It keeps you focused and allows you to maximize your ROI.  Simply.  Connect.  And Close.

X-Factor 5 - Developing a Compelling Theme

... creatively packages your message — effectively and consistently. It captures your target audience’s attention. And engages them from the start to finish of your program. It becomes the face of the experience.

X-Factor 6 - Selecting a Great Location

... can implicitly set you up for success. It delivers the first impression to your target audience. It sets the tone for the overall experience. So select a venue where you will get maximum audience exposure and a location where they will be most open to what you have to say.

X-Factor 7 - Creating the Right Setting

... all starts with “Selecting A Great Location”.  The right combination of location and staging allows you to “own the audience” by engulfing them in the theme and branding for the event, exhibit or mobile experience. It will provide you with the best contextual setting for your experience.

X- Factor 8: Creatively Expressing Your Message

... requires out-of-the-box thinking, brainstorming and fresh ideas. Find a creative hook that works for your message and will appeal to your audience.  Then, keep it simple, relevant, yet compelling. With great creative expression, it’s all about effective implementation — less is more.  From a strategic and a budgetary perspective.

X- Factor 9: Infusing Audience Interactivity

... can dramatically change the tone and audience experience. The key is to thread interactive techniques throughout the design of your experience, whether it is a permanent exhibit, 5-day Conference or a 5-minute mobile demo.  Through interactivity, you will be able to make a real and relevant connection with your audience — one that begins a relationship with them.

X- Factor 10: Closing the Deal

... is not representative of the end of the experience, but rather the beginning of the relationship. At this point, you want to provide a compelling reason to communicate with them after the experience is over. Whatever experience you create, build in a follow-on opportunity to “Close the Deal”.

Each X-Factor, in of itself, plays an important role in reaching your customers. But assessing and executing the 10 X-Factors in an integrated manner, unleashes a powerful synergy for creating breakthrough, successful experiences.

The X-Factors have the power to transform ordinary customer interactions into brand experiences that make personal connections and deliver measurable success.

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