The elements of earth, wind, water and fire provided a highly creative, yet relevant context for Sun’s Annual Sales Strategy.

Five branded SUV’s and unique photo ops delivered an interactive Kodak product experience to over 2 million U.S. consumers.

The 4-year evolution of this conference used educational and experiential techniques to successfully grow from 75 to 1,000 attendees.

The "Fast Forward" Conference used an interactive competition thread to engage attendees with executives and a new sales process.

A series of coast-to-coast event experiences positioned Adobe Creative Suite as the standard within the design community.

A cost-effective, on-line production strategy delivered a high-touch product introduction to 16 cities worldwide, in only 10 days.

A half-day, "break-through" event reinforced innovative thinking within the sales force by using successful, relevant child entrepreneurs.

Setting a "cool", edgy tone, IBM’s e-business strategy delivered a successful experience using a west coast museum setting.

During the mobile tour featuring an oversized camera and hands-on demos, Kodak EasyShare was the top-selling U.S. camera.

A SoHo Gallery provided the perfect artistic setting for introducing a laptop computer featuring cutting edge design.

This half-day event incorporated the Vancouver symphony as a backdrop to reinforce the central theme of organizational collaboration.

The 7-year evolution of this conference inspired new thinking, using a wide range of entertaining, educational and experiential techniques.

Sunrise Sales Conference (Sydney)
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The EasyShare Mobile Tour
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eBay Developers Conference Series
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Annual Sales Conference, Palm Desert
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Creative Suite Events
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The Kodak EasyShare Global Launch
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Sales Recognition Program, Honolulu, Hawaii
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e-Business Event Strategy
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The EasyShare Holiday Mall Tour
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Digital Product Launch
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SunRise Vancouver
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PalmSource Developers Conference Series
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Strategic Events & Mobile Marketing

In today's world of event marketing, timing is everything. You need to attract and make a valuable connection with your target audience — quickly and efficiently. For events and conferences, you need to make that connection over the course of hours or days.  For mobile tours you need to do it within a matter of minutes. 

Ensuring success is no longer about simply producing an event, conference or mobile tour. It’s about strategically planning and delivering immersive experiences that fully engage your target audience and ultimately support your marketing and sales goals.

Welcome to EXP Strategic Events

Strategic Events that Bring Brands to Life

EXP has designed and delivered successful strategic event experiences for over 20 years. Single-day events or week-long conferences.  Events and conferences that engage. Educate and inspire your target audience. As well as mobile marketing experiences that stimulate the minds of consumers. Where they live. Work. And play.

We create event experiences that bring brands to life. Build life-long relationships. And close deals.

For each event, conference or mobile marketing experience, we start by setting clear, measurable goals. Both strategic and financial.  Next, we move into strategic planning, making sure that every aspect of the event experience from concept to delivery, meets your parameters.

We work with you to define a focused message, as well as an agenda and storyline that connects with your audience. Then we get creative. Our design and production team devises an exciting mix of structural, visual, interactive and performance elements to bring your story to life in a way that is truly unique, yet relevant to you and to your audience.  And finally we ensure flawless, cost-effective execution. End-to-end.  At a single or multiple locations.

The result is an experience that cuts through the traditional marketing clutter to deliver a long-lasting, relevant impression.

At EXP, we create strategic event, conference and mobile experiences that work. Strategically. Financially.

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