This film, subtly reinforces the Kodak brand while entertaining guests at Disney in Orlando, Los Angeles and Paris.

A permanent interactive experience engages guests at Disney’s Epcot in learning the simplicity and quality of Kodak’s digital solutions.

Well-crafted, interactive tours and hands-on labs create an age-appropriate experience for museum guests.

This 20,000 square foot, live-broadcast studio showcased Sony’s end-to-end integrated digital broadcasting solutions.

An animatronic host, immersive high-definition film and hands-on experiments engage guests with the future of communications technology.

An animator’s studio and interactive games engage Disney guests with the technology of animated films.

A realistic woodland environment featuring interactive games and a field lab showcases the environmental efforts of the paper industry.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience Pre-Show Film
Themed Exhibits

Disney Imagination Pavilion Post Show
Themed Exhibits

The Intel Museum Visitor Experience
Themed Exhibits

Digital Broadcast Studio
Themed Exhibits

Dream Forum Exhibit
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A Bug’s Life Experience
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Forests For Our Future
Themed Exhibits

Themed Exhibits

In today's market, creating a successful themed exhibit takes more than simply building an innovative structure. Your exhibit needs to not only attract, but also actively immerse your target audience within your corporate message.

You need to create an end-to-end themed exhibit experience. One that helps you achieve your objectives both strategically and financially.

Welcome to EXP Themed Exhibits

temporary and permanent themed exhibits

We have created successful themed exhibit experiences for over 25 years. Temporary and permanent. Themed exhibit marketing experiences that immerse an audience in your story, your products or your services - creating an enjoyable and memorable experience. And enabling you to close deals.

We start by setting clear, measurable goals. Strategic. Financial. Then define an extraordinary marketing strategy for blending live and on-line elements.

Next we develop a strong story line - telling your story. In a way that is simple and relevant for your audience.

Then we design a fully integrated exhibit environment, using the appropriate mix of structural, visual and interactive elements. We top it off with just the right talent to connect face-to-face with your target audience and to tell your story in an appropriate, yet engaging manner.

Finally, we bring the exhibit design to life - ensuring flawless execution end-to-end.

The result is a themed exhibit experience that delivers your message to your audience with impact and style - both in person and on-line.

At EXP, we create exhibit experiences that work. Strategically. Financially.

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