we do more than produce events and exhibits. we create experiences. that work.

EXP is Experiential Marketing

For over 25 years, we've been orchestrating winning experiences - strategic events, mobile pop-ups and themed exhibits for leading Fortune 500 Companies.

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What we do

Strategic Event Experiences

Single-day events, week-long conferences and pop-up tours. Event experiences that engage, educate and inspire your target audience. Where they work, live and play.

Themed Exhibit Experiences

Temporary and permanent. Themed exhibit marketing experiences that immerse an audience in your story, your products or your services. Allowing you to close deals.

At EXP, we design and deliver marketing experiences that work. Strategically. Financially.

Our Process The X-Factors

Our strength lies in our strategic foundation for experiential design. Enhanced by applying our unique "X-Factor" process. This combination ensures success.

"The X-Factors to Experiential Marketing Success: An Introduction", defines each of these X-Factors and their significance to your success.


John Santeler

EXP Founder, President

John got his start at Hewlett-Packard and Apple Computer, where he acquired his passion for marketing and taking calculated risks.

Fueled by his vision and passion, John created "EXP – the experience company" — a unique organization, designing and delivering break-through marketing experiences for companies such as Apple, IBM, Motorola, Kodak, Sony, Adobe, eBay, Intel, Xilinx, Disney and others.

For John, Experiential Marketing is more than his business. It’s his passion.